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Building Electrification: A Passive House Symposium

July 25 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Zero-emission buildings are the priority for a decarbonized built environment, and electrification powered by clean energy, utilizing batteries and heat pumps, is entering the popular psyche. The call is to “electrify everything!” However, what’s often lost is that electrifying typical buildings is impractical, resulting in overwhelmed utilities and skyrocketing costs while burdening us with the same poor-performing buildings.

Passive House can transform the possibilities. Electrification leveraged by Passive House performance lowers the burden on the utilities and preserves affordability while dramatically improving resilience and equitable outcomes.

Electrification x Passive House is the winning formula, and this symposium explores the guts of it all.  With experts from Europe and across the US, we’ll look at:

  • How and why PHI shifted its primary energy calculations to focus on optimizing buildings for a future 100% renewable grid, and how regionally specific Primary Energy Renewable Factors more granularly incentivize electrification and future-proof investments.
  • How and why Massachusetts, with a mandate to decarbonize and electrify, is balancing investment in grid improvements with investement in buildings that deliver Passive House energy efficiency.
  • The A, B, and Cs of bigger building electrification with a particular focus on solving domestic hot water electrification.
  • A case study of Hotel Marcel, an all-electric PHI Certified EnerPHit Premium hotel in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Case studies of Certified Passive House homes in Minnesota and California.
  • And more!

So, if you want to electrify everything, join us and learn how to electrify buildings the Passive House way.


  • Jessica Grove-Smith, Passive House Institute, Germany
  • Bronwyn Barry, PassiveHouseBB, San Francisco, CA
  • Tim Eian, TE Studio, Minneapolis, MN
  • Bruce Becker, Becker + Becker Architects, New Haven, CT
  • Dylan Martello, Steven Winter Associates
  • Paul Ormond, Massachusetts DOER
  • Moderated by Ken Levenson, The Passive House Network

Continuing Education Credits

in progress…

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline how Passive House standards incorporate electrification goals.
  2. Outline strategies for implementing all-electric strategies in the design of large commercial and multifamily Passive House buildings.
  3. Describe the range of benefits an optimized all-electric Passive House building provides.
  4. Describe Primary Energy Renewable Factors and the implications for the building design optimization..